Real-Time, Remote, Anonymous, Open-Ended SurveysGet the best ideas from the right people - no matter where they live and work.Create open-ended surveys and conduct guided, moderated questionnairesResults are completely anonymous, giving users the freedom to answer honestly


Conduct surveys and questionnaires in real-time with as many as 1,000 participants!


Conduct surveys in-person or remotely. Users just need a laptop with internet!


Respondent's answers are completely anonymous, making feedback as candid as posssible.


Respondents can provide as many answers/ideas as they'd like with an open-ended question framework

Massive Scale

Collect real-time feedback from hundreds or thousands of users at one time - from anywhere!

Desktop + Mobile

Works on desktop with modern browsers or modern phone browsers as well!

What does the magic look like?!

Facilitators can create questions and control the timing of what questions and when they display.

Users being surveyed can rapidly respond - with facilitators seeing responses in real-time.

Note: Not all ideas will be "good" ideas... but that's where we can help!